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Blonde laughing
How to make a blonde laugh on Monday morning?
- Tell her a joke on Friday night.

What is comedy?

Comedy (from the Greek komodia) is a literary, theatrical and cinematographic genre.

Despite appearances, a comedy does not have to be systematically funny, even though most comedies are. The tearful comedy, for example, is not funny but works as a comedy, especially through the characteristic classical happy ending. Nowadays, the term has fallen out as contemporary plays can be quite humorous and have an unhappy ending.

Additionally and beyond the fun and entertainment that bring a lot of comedies, this type of work can also have a critical aspect.

The comedy has its roots in Greek literature. The Greek word ko-mo-idia comes from the words komos "party in honor of Dionysus" and oide," song ". As for tragedy, classic comedy had to obey the rule of three units. However, comedy is seeking to desecrate sad or unpleasant situations, unlike the tragedy which amplifies them.

Comedy portrays characters who belong to the middle class of society like Bourvil or Coluche. Depending on historical times and cultures, comedy has mostly portrayed slaves, servants, merchants, burghers whose adventures have a happy ending. Rarely noble men who are characters reserved for tragedy.

Today, comedy is best known through more or less humorous films. The comedy makes the viewer reflect on the functioning of society, offering a moral reflection and teaching him to better know himself. Who said that comedy is a mirror of the world?

In the seventeenth century, Moliere invented three new types of theater: (1) the low comedy based on the comic gesture (The Scapin), (2) the comedy based on the comic gesture, situation and character (The Miser or the School of lies) and (3) the high comedy based on the comic gesture, situation, character, word and manners (The Doctor despite himself).

There is also Ancient Greek comedy, Comedy of manners based on the comic satire of contemporary manners, traits of society, Comedy character (a play in which are described in pleasant manners, faults and follies of human beings), Romantic comedy, Heroic comedy, the commedia dell'arte (the Italian theater of the seventeenth century with a small scenario, a large improvisational comedians and a set of masks), Comedy-ballet, Light comedy, Vaudeville (a kind of light comedy of the seventeenth century which came back into fashion during the Restoration and triumph under the Third Republic, staging inextricable situations in intrigue with multiple twists entanglements and misunderstandings in series, merging into a pace that gives pride to the burlesque and the eccentricity, and the musical comedy.

In the nineteenth century appears boulevard theater, in the twentieth theater of the absurd (Eugene Ionesco, Samuel Beckett) and rewriting ancient (the aim being to demolish the myths by taking the same heroes, the same themes and degrade, may move registry to register tragic comedy).

The highest movie box office in French is a comedy: Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. Here again it is based on the story of a regular guy and the humor comes from the situations he faces.

This guy who play blackjack online a lot decides to go to a live casino for once. At some point he has 13, and he is discussing with the dealer if the latter should be tipped. He says that dealers never want to take responsiblity when they deal bad cards, so why should they get tipped they the player gets good cards? The dealer answers by asking the guy if he tips the waiter when he eats at a restaurant. The guy answers yes. So the blackjack dealer says that the waiter serves food, and he serves cards, so he should be tipped as well. The guy finally concludes "A waiter always give me what I request. So give me an eight please."

Sam Ewing on hair loss
Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.

It smells bad!
This is the story of a blonde in a perfume store. She thinks she might as well buy some underarm spray for her husband. The saleswoman asks her: does he use spray with a ball? And the blonde answer 'no it is for his underarms'.

A family are driving behind a garbage truck...
A family are driving behind a garbage truck when a dildo flies out and thumps against the wind shield. Embarrassed, and to spare her young daughter's innocence, the mother turns around and says, "Don't worry; that was just an insect." To which her daughter replies, "I'm surprised it could get off the ground with a cock like that."

Hidden in a dumpster, he plays a hilarious prank on passers-by..."
To surprise people passing by, this young man hid in a pile of trash in a dumpster only to emerge at the right moment. Discover this very funny hidden camera where bags of garbage jump on you without warning! When you pass by a pile of trash stored on the ground, you usually don't expect them to jump out at you. And yet this is what happened to the victims of this hidden camera who were surprised when they were not expecting it at all. Well hidden among the bags, this young prankster who had also made a costume out of garbage bags, had fun jumping on people as soon as they approached him.

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