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Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy, the Hollywood comedy king was born in the year 1961 and now is in his fifty's. In the film industry, he is though popular as Eddie Murphy, but his actual name is Eddie Egan Murphy. Eddie's birthplace is Brooklyn (New York), but when he was 9 years old, his family shifted to Roosevelt, which is an American-African suburb. That is why he has been influenced by the individual culture of these two places and it impacted his personal and professional life later. Eddie is mostly popular as a comedian among his fans, but actually he is a virtuous person who has other qualities than acting. Eddie the comedian is also a good singer who has many albums of his own. Among this, the debut album "How This Could Be" is still a favorite one.

To Be a Star

All the big bosses of the silver screen have their own story of success and this is the same in the case of Eddie Murphy. It was not so easy for the man to be 'Eddie- the Star' and to reach the zenith of success. However, success itself comes to him who chase it and that is why many Eddies' are born at one time or another.

His parents separated when he was just three years old and his father died when he was only eight. The entire family (he has a big family with own and step brothers) had to depend on the small earning of their mother, Lilian Murphy, who worked as a computer operator. After a long struggle, Eddie finally completed his graduation from the Community College in Nassau. He had to work as an assistant in a shoe store to earn wages and to continue with his study.

Why Eddie is a Comedian

However, acting is something that was spontaneous in Eddie, as he has grown up watching different TV shows, specially the showbiz type shows. He was gifted with the skill for impersonation and thus could represent characters like Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, and Bullwinkle, etc, easily. At the age of fifteen, he hosted a show. There he overjoyed his audience impersonating Al Green and was admired a lot. In addition, he also performed in night clubs, in different venues of NY like Comic Strip, to hone that skill. When he realized that acting will take him closer to his dreams, he finally chose it as a career, even before completing his graduation. As a comedian, Eddie is fond of another popular comedian-Richard Pryor, who is his mentor as well.

In one occasion, Eddie's mother commented that he was so attached to impersonating that even as a child he never spoke in his own voice. Mr. Murphy believes that he has lot to achieve yet; he has still a lot to do. He would like to be like Charley Chaplin who himself directed, scored, produced, wrote and starred in a film.

The Journey Started

In 1989, Eddie started his journey as a core professional comedian appearing in the show, SNL- that stands for Saturday Nights Live. His presence increased the popularity of the show manifold as audience liked him playing characters like buckwheat, Mr. Robinson and Gumby. He first appeared on the big screen in the year 1982, where he co-acted with Nick Nolte in the movie "48 Hours". He didn't look back after that and went on doing a number of hit comedy movies like, "Beverly Hills Cop", "Trading Places", "The Golden Child" (it is a supernatural comedy) and many others. Eddie is perhaps the last Hollywood actor who signed a personal contract with the studio- Paramount Picture. The studio released most of Eddie's early popular movies, when he signed the deal.

In 1989, Eddie also released the popular music album "Love is Alright" and he also performed in a video, (music video) that featured Michael Jackson. In addition, he appeared in another Michael Jackson album, "Remember the Time" with Iman and Magic Johnson.

One Man, Many Voices

Eddie Murphy is regarded as a man with many voices because along with acting in comedy movies, he has voiced in different animated shows. He voiced as a Donkey in the popular Shrek series and in other shows like Mulan, where he voiced as a dragon. Mulan was an animated film produced by Disney and this has been nominated for several awards.

Awards Won By the Hollywood Star

So far, Eddie Murphy has been nominated for several important awards like the Academy Awards, Annie Awards, Saturn Awards and many others. However, he has been able to bag a few of these, which are:

  • The Saturn Awards (for the movie, "The Nutty Professor")
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards ( for "Shrek" and "Dreamgirls")
  • National Society of Film Critics Awards (for "The Nutty Professor again.)

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